Employment Assistance

Globe University/Minnesota School of Business provides employment assistance for students and graduates, a benefit available at any of our campus locations as well as online. Our staff members will help throughout every step of the job search process, from preparing and uploading a resume, to networking with local employers, to finding relevant job leads.

Blue Sky Resource

Glassdoor Resource

Networking with Employers

A great way for students to explore employment opportunities is through professional networking. We help students and graduates connect with employers and other professional contacts by organizing on-campus job fairs, notification about off-campus job fairs and recommending professional networking organizations.

Cover Letter

Cover letters should be sent with a résumé when applying to a position. It's important to change each cover letter to match the position description you are applying for.


It is very important to make a good impression in a job interview. Here are just a few tools to help you in conducting a successful interview.

Job Search Tools

While you are a student and after you graduate, our career services department is here to help you identify appropriate job postings.


References are very important when job hunting. They are a short list of people who can verify what you have claimed on your résumé. This will give you instant credibility with an employer.

Resume Writing

The résumé is an essential part of the job search process. The average amount of time an employer takes to initially look at a résumé is 30 seconds or less. It is crucial that a résumé is brief, attractive, creates interest, and describes accomplishments.

Focus on your education, skills, and work history.

Thank You Letters

Writing a thank you letter will remind the prospective employer that you are still available and that you are still interested in the position and company. It shows you have good business etiquette and it can give you an edge over your competition.

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