Thank You Letters

Writing a thank you letter will remind the prospective employer that you are still available and that you are still interested in the position and company. It shows you have good business etiquette and it can give you an edge over your competition.

Be prompt and get these letters out within 24-48 hours of the interview. The sooner, the better!


  • If you interviewed with more than one person in the organization, write a separate thank you letter Thank You Small directly to each individual.
  • It is acceptable to send a professional thank you card if you have neat handwriting or printing. If you do not have neat handwriting or printing (or are not sure), send a typed thank you letter.
  • Follow the professional business letter format - use one space between each paragraph and do not indent paragraphs.
  • Use the full, typed out date format (such as December 30, 2010); do not use 12/30/10.
  • Use Mr. or Ms. when addressing the letter to the appropriate person.
  • Check for content, grammar, spelling and typos before sending!
  • Do not forget to sign the letter.

Sample Thank You Letter

Download our sample Thank You Letter to get started.

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